New and Upcoming Keaggy Projects

The Winter 95 and Spring 1996 issues of PKC reported the following exciting news about Phil's new and upcoming projects. The Acoustic Sketches album mentioned below is now available (check out the Acoustic Sketches page), and the "electric band thing" has been recorded and will be released by Sparrow Records in August (see the 220 page for a preview).
Acoustic Sketches
A CD of Phil's improptu acoustic playing is currently planned for distribution through the club. [Now available exclusively through the Club!]

New Studio Work
Phil has been in the studio with Wes King, Michael Card, and John Michael Talbot for an upcoming album by Card and Talbot. Phil plays on four or five songs. Michael Card also has an album project planned called Trinity that Phil will contribute to.

Time, Phil Keaggy 1970-1995, Volumes I and II (now available!)
This double CD collection (each volume is available separately) chronicles a quarter century of Phil's music with a selection of 35 tunes, including three previously unreleased tunes, unreleased renditions of several Keaggy classics, and tunes from out-of-print albums. Among the songs included are: Look for Time at your local record store or Christian bookstore; but if you can't find it, you can purchase both volumes online at a discount from CDnow.

Glass Harp: Carnegie Hall Live (release by April 1996)
Sparrow is remastering the 1971 live Glass Harp album for release sometime in the next six months. [This album will probably be released this year, but plans have changed and it will not be through Sparrow. Stay tuned for details!]

Electric Solo Style Book
John August Publishing has plans in the works to produce a book dissecting Phil's electric guitar solo style.

Upcoming Instrumental Albums
Phil is planning projects with Jimmie Le Sloas (Nashville session player on bass, and producer for recent projects by PFR and Randy Stonehill) including an acoustic instrumental CD and "an electric band thing" as well.
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