Players' Comments

What do musicians say about Griffin Guitars they own or have played?

"It's been years since a guitar has taken me away like this.... a stunning instrument."

David Wilcox, Owner
Model D

"Pianistic! Supremely balanced across the entire spectrum."

Steve James

"...I just put down my masterpiece for a minute to tell you that you are a genius. this instrument is unbelievable!"

Roger Lewis

"Plain and simple, my Griffin guitar just makes me sound better! And, as a great guitar should, it inspires me to play better, to try things that are a little beyond my reach... to explore, to experiment, to write new songs... For 30+ years I've been playing concerts as a soloist. Cookie-cutter guitars... simply won't do it for me. The look, feel and sound of a griffin guitar is wholly unique... the happy outcome of the skills and perseverance of one man who is personally committed to putting the guitar of a lifetime into your hands...."

Bob Bennett, Owner
Model B Padouk/Sitka

"I used the Griffin Model D when I was asked to play on CNN at the Healdsburg Guitar Festival. It sounds great and I love it."

Jeffrie Caine (The Young Bloods)

"...The Griffin is a spectacular guitar! This is also the opinion of several of my friends who play professionally, everything from bluegrass to acoustic blues to classical."

Rob Teicher, Owner
Model B cutaway Sapele/Sitka

"... But the sound!!!! It is the most evenly balanced guitar I own, with exactly the right amount of bass response...never boomy...mid range, always clear and bell-like....and treble...tonally strong and resonant...this instrument works equally well for finger picking, strumming, and flatpicking...a rare feat for any guitar. The action and neck are buttery, and it records like a dream... a must for me. I appreciate you artistry and craftsmanship."

Lee Hochberg (Triple Gem Productions)



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