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Bob Bennett Bio at Jamsline (November 1997)
The Jamsline online Christian music information source published this article/interview on the release of Small Graces.
About the recording of Small Graces
Bob's own comments; a Bright Avenue exclusive.
A Small Graces Interview
This is a partial transcript of an interview with Bob on the origins of Small Graces.
What About Bob? (CCM, November 1996)
CCM's 1996 interview previewed Small Graces.


Released November 18, 1997 by Covenant Artists Group, and distributed by Myrrh. Catalogue numbers:
CD: 7014606603
Cassette: 7014606565
Request Small Graces from your local Christian music/book store, or order it online at Jamsline at the discount price of $12.99/CD or $8.99/Cassette.

Liner Notes

Produced by Phil Naish.
Engineered and mixed by Ronnie Brookshire at Mole End.
String arrangement for Track 2 by Scott Brasher.
Guardian Angel: Michael Card.

The Musicians:

Electric and Acoustic Bass - Danny O'Lannerghty
Percussion - Ken Lewis
Mandola - Phil Naish
Background Vocals - Lisa Cochran

The Songs:

  1. Small Graces
  2. The Only Risk Worth Taking
  3. Lone Star State
  4. Hand Of Kindness
  5. Jesus In Our Time
  6. The Better Part Of Me
  7. Jesus Christ The Apple Tree
  8. The Last One
  9. My Shadow Companion
  10. Altar In The Field

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