Why "Bright Avenue"?

It's clear that I am supposed to be here...
Here on Bright Avenue

from "Here on Bright Avenue"

Bob's 1991 release on Urgent Records is titled Songs From Bright Avenue. Of the title track, "Here on Bright Avenue," Bob's liner notes offer the following:

"I am not easily or naturally given over to cheap symbolism or 'signs' that are usually just interesting coincidences. But, when circumstances led me to move to an address on this street (in Whittier, California), I wondered. As I began to feel a sense of hopefulness, the street name took on a kind of significance that I hope follows me no matter where I may yet move. There comes a time when one must deal with what 'is' and move on from the grieving over what cannot be. This song marks my first steps in that necessary direction."

Since that time Bob has adopted the "Bright Avenue" monicker for his business address, publishing logo, and most recently, his email address. It thus seemed the natural choice for the name of his home page (just so we can completely confuse people!).

Here On Bright Avenue

Words and Music by Bob Bennett
Copyright 1991 Bright Avenue Songs, ASCAP

I hear sounds above
The shuffling of my feet
As I make my way down
This strange, familiar street
The holy sounds of families
Their dinners on the wind
Will I ever be able
To sit at that table again?
I did not want to be here
Where the future is in store
But my name is on the mailbox
And my key fits in the door
Living in this present tense
Is the best that I can do
It's clear that I am supposed to be here...
Here on Bright Avenue

Hope that hides in darkness
Healing under pain
Roses asleep in the winter
But the the spring will come again
This time is set in motion
By design and by my due
It's one foot in front of the other
Here on Bright Avenue
Questions with no answers
And the distance in between
All my wishful thinking
And the fool that I have been
I cannot reinvent myself
To suit everybody's view
But I can see there are plans for me here...
Here on Bright Avenue

If those who sow in tears
Will reap in joy somehow
Then surely I am watering
My fields of future now
My feet will walk a golden street
And when all is said and done
I will be found on holy ground
As a good and faithful son
Walking toward a promise
That frees this convict heart
The Lord will never lose me
And He can finish what He starts
And when I least expect it
I believe these things are true
It's as if to say
I am on my way from here...
Here on Bright Avenue

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