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Home from EC2

From: Bob Dorgan <d77737@epix...>
Subject: Home from EC2
Date: Sun, 26 Sep 1999 21:23:28 GMT

Got back mid morning from EC2. We had a great time, and would like to
publicly thank Tom Loredo for all of his efforts.
Tom is a very kind and cordial host.
More later.
Bob Dorgan

East Coast II (long) Report
From: Rod Hughes <RLHUGHES@prodigy...>
Subject: East Coast II (long) Report
Date: Sun, 26 Sep 1999 19:30:08 -0400
Organization: Prodigy Internet

RMMGA East Coast II - Rod's Version

Well, I got home this afternoon from a weekend filled with guitar, guitar
talk, guitar etc.....

Dick Thaxter and myself (Rod Hughes) arrived at Tom Loredo's apartment
Friday evening. After dinner we worked on a few songs that we would try to
play together on Saturday during the festival and later at the coffeehouse.
It seemed to click very well, especially for three guys that had never met

Saturday - We went to the festival (Old Home Days). Bob Dorgan and his wife
met us there about half an hour after we arrived. A local band was playing
on the stage when we arrived (flatbed truck was used as the stage). The
crowd was less than anticipated, probably due to the fact that there were
generator problems and none of the rides were operational. This was bad
news for the festival, but for Rod this meant less people to perform in
front of. There were five of us total that were going to start out on the

Tom Loredo
Mike (Tom's friend who plays out locally)
Dick Thaxter
Bob Dorgon
Rod Hughes

Before we started the female vocalist from the previous band asked me as we
were setting up what the name of our band was????? I tried explaining that
95% of us had never met before the previous day. She looked puzzled, but I
think she believed me. I'm not sure how long we played total but it was a
blast. Everyone (except me) did one or two solo's and it sounded great.
Everything was mixed through a monster 16 channel PA system. This was
major big time for me.....

Later that evening Tom had booked us at a local coffeehouse just off the
Cornell campus. As luck would have it signals were crossed within the
coffeehouse mgt and they also booked a solo blues player from Buffalo.
Things worked out, we swapped sets throughout the night. Yes Norman, we did
have a beer for you. The mgt felt so bad about the mix-up that they offered
drinks and eats for us (nice bonus!)

It was absolutely outstanding to meet these folks that I've been reading
about on this NG. Before this weekend I couldn't even spell alternative
tuning..... Now at least I understand more about it, since some of the guys
were using it.

We were truly blessed with super talent:

Dick Thaxter - Electric slide and Dobro mastermind. Dick was impressive
with his alternative tunings, played to Dobro like is was meant to be.

Bob Dorgon - player extrodinare and all round great entertainer. Even
though it was tough for him to keep that 12-string in tune in the evening 50
degree weather. I believe Bob was born to perform, Hmmm maybe beginning
lyrics to a song.

Tom Loredo - This guys whips on alternative tunings and does solo's that
sounds like three people playing at once. I was ready to pick up playing
drums after hearing Tom. Truly outstanding.

The net is that from my view it was a truly memorable experience. Tom was
the most gracious host in Ithaca. I would do this again in a heartbeat,
pencil me in for Virginia in the spring. I wish that more of you would of
been able to make it but it was truly outstanding with what we had. I'm
sure there will be more to follow.......

Rod (almost ready for a solo) Hughes

East Coast II; the streets of Loredo [3]
From: Dick Thaxter <rtha@loc...>
Subject: East Coast II; the streets of Loredo
Date: 27 Sep 1999 11:56:54 GMT
Organization: Library of Congress

Just to add my own followup to the gathering ...

Well we proved that size ain't everything because we had a real fine
time in spite of the low attendance. BTW, next time absences will only
be excused with a note from your mother. It was great meeting Tom and
Rod and Tom's playing partner, Mike. Also really great to see Bob and
Theresa again--we were all EC I vets.

First event was a tour of TL Studios, (aka Tom's apartment) where we
found out that the TPOS Olson is just the first link in the signal
chain! Tom's audio gear is amazing and he even builds his own
prototype preamps. Hmmm, reminds me of another rocket scientist type
who reinvented rock guitar. (Tom Scholz of Boston and MIT;
unfortunately we're still hearing the effects of this every time we
walk into GC or MARS and hear some kid shredding on a Peavey). We got
to hear Tom's setup live in the two venues on Saturday and WOW! What
is the audio equivalent of GAS?

We found enough musical overlap to come up with a list of tunes that we
might do together--kind of an eclectic mix that included everything
from Hank Williams to Brooks Williams (a new folk performer and
acquaintance of Tom's). One run through each and if we thought someone
could sing it, it made the list.

Next morning after a hearty diner breakfast we did a quick tour through
two nice music shops in dowtown Ithaca. Rumble Seat Music had lots of
vintage electric gear including maybe six Silvertone guitars with the
amp in the case and about twenty vintage Danelectros along with lots of
great old Gibsons, Fenders, etc. Vintage prices too, like $1200 for a
BF Deluxe Reverb. Ithaca Guitar Works had a decent acoustic selection
including many TPOS Taylors and some interesting acoustic electric
instruments (guitar, violins, etc.) made by a local luthier.

It was time to pack up the gear and head five miles south to the town
of Newfield, so we did. Mike was running the stage and a local band
was doing rock covers. It turned out we had a longer time slot to fill
than originally anticipated so we got set up and all five of us got up
on stage. Sometimes it took a few minutes to decide what to play next,
but we miracously avoided any major trainwrecks and actually sounded
good, I think. We did some folk, country, roots rock, blues. Tom and
Mike did a short set including some original music of Mike's. Although
that was a tough act to follow, Bob Dorgan and I both did some solo
pieces. For Norm's sake I did two John Prine numbers--"Sins of
Memphisto" and "Picture Show"--used the electric in open D for
those--and I forget what else, except I did "San Antonio Rose"

For Rod and me, it was our first "gig" so we felt pretty pumped I
guess. Next we got to partake of another new experience--the load out
and then picked up Tom's PA for the coffee house gig. Those giant
Klipshorn speakers sounded great and weighed about 100 lbs. apiece.
(Hey Shannon, note for RMMGA EC III--add roadies to the payroll.)

As Rod mentioned we ended up sharing the coffee house gig with a local
blues guy. That was fine, cause we had a chance to relax, listen,
talk, nosh, etc. We did a couple of sets with the four of us (Tom,
Bob, Rod and me) and some solo stuff. Bob (the born entertainer, as
Rod pointed out) did the Minnie Ripperton song "Loving You" just for
me. Tom played a couple of tunes solo that had us all dropping our
jaws. (He not only plays great and sings great, but with that Lexicon
jam man he can sound like three guitars at once). Since I didn't do
the country tunes for the rural fair the afternoon, I saved them for
the university crowd (including quite a few foreign students, etc.) and
did "I'm so Lonesome I Could Cry," "Crazy Arms," "Folsom Prison
Blues" We finished with the what became kind of the theme song for
the weekend, Ellis Paul's "3,000 Miles" which Tom had taught us pretty
much on stage. Sounded REAL pretty. Loaded out the gear and said our
goodbyes at about 1:00 am.

Just a great weekend, great weather, great folks, great music. Thanks
to everyone, especially Tom for hosting. Oh, and I forgot the Martin
Factory Tour on the way up. I'll have to post another thread about

From: Bob Dorgan <d77737@epix...>
Subject: Re: East Coast II; the streets of Loredo
Date: Mon, 27 Sep 1999 13:01:18 GMT
Organization: Bobs R us

Dick Thaxter wrote:
> Just to add my own followup to the gathering ...
> Just a great weekend, great weather, great folks, great music. Thanks to
> everyone, especially Tom for hosting.

Hi all,
my impressions closely mirror Rod and Dick's but here's a few
observations of my own.

Tom is a great player, and put on a terrific performance of the song he
has recorded for the RMMGA CD. His use of the Jam Man has given me some
serious GAS for some type of looping device.

Rod Hughes did a very nice job of playing in front of people for the
first time. I know he had some major league butterflies, but he
certainly didn't show it. I put him on the spot at the open mic, and
told him to play the lead on Clapton's "Wonderful Tonight", and he
performed admirably.

Dick stole the stage during the blues and rock and roll numbers with the
resonator and his electric playing. He looked like a seasoned veteran up

Most important of all, I got a chance to strengthen my friendship with
Dick, and make new friends of Tom and Rod.

For anyone within 12 driving hours of Virginia, next spring's EC
gathering #3 is mandatory. For those of you that couldn't make it this
time, we missed you, but we did manage to carry on.

Thanks again Tom, Dick and Rod for a very pleasant weekend.
Bob Dorgan

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